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Blawg Review #106

This week, you can take the fast track around the blawg-o-sphere with the race-themed Blawg Review #106, hosted at Iowa attorney Brett Trout's Blawg IT. Some great pit stops include Enrico Schaefer's post discussing how the billable hour puts a lawyer's interests at odds with those of his client, a post at Techdirt on a recent decision forcing Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) to pay legal fees for litigants it wrongly sued and Nicole Black's post mortem on the Duke lacrosse rape case, along with a video that sums up the case. So take a spin or two with Blawg Review #106. This is one race where all participants are winners. 

Posted by Carolyn Elefant on April 30, 2007 at 06:52 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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