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Has Blogging Peaked?

Citing this post from Steve Rubel, Dennis Kennedy wonders whether blogging has peaked. Rubel writes that according to a recent Technorati Report, blog posts per day, a significant blogging metric, are down.  Rubel theorizes that the decline in posts is attributable to bloggers publishing in other places, which detracts from blogging time. 

Kennedy suggests that "posts per day" may not be the most accurate measure of blogging activity, because it raises a "quality vs. quantity" issue.  But Kennedy also acknowleges the phenomenon that Rubel describes: As a result of blogging, bloggers are snagging more requests to publish or podcast in other venues, hence the decline in posts.  As for Kennedy, he hasn't cut back that much -- he writes that he now posts three times a week, down from his previous five posts, but still within his range.

I'm not surprised to learn of a decline in posts, but in my view, the decline shows that blogging is even more entrenched and accepted rather than less.  When bloggers launch a blog, they need to prove themselves by supplying a steady stream of information, sometimes two or three posts per day every day of the week.  Once they've established a track record and an audience, the same level of quantity is no longer needed to maintain visibility, so posts decline.

Of course, I'm happy to report that here at Legal Blog Watch, we're defying the trend towards decline.  Here,  you'll always find four to five posts a day, every day, either by Bob Ambrogi or me.  That should give you incentive to check in with us every day.

Posted by Carolyn Elefant on April 6, 2007 at 07:10 PM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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