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Bashman: A Life Story

The roads lawyers take towards blogging are as varied as the blogs they write. One particularly well known legal blogger is Howard Bashman, author of How Appealing. As noted here Monday, this week marked Bashman's fifth year blogging. That occasion brought an e-mail from Ian Best, who as a law student at Ohio State's Moritz College of Law wrote the blog 3L Epiphany, now reincarnated as Law Blog Metrics. A year ago, Bashman visited Moritz and spoke about his career and how he came to write his blog. Best took copious notes and posted the story last year as The Life of Howard Bashman.

Best recounts that Bashman's blog evolved naturally from his work as an appellate lawyer following news of interesting cases. Its popularity began to take off after it was mentioned on the Volokh Conspiracy and then written about by reporter Tony Mauro in Legal Times. Now, Bashman credits blogging for bringing him both clients and extra income, not to mention satisfaction and notoriety. If he were to offer advice based on his career, Bashman told the Moritz audience, it would be to take the road less traveled:

"Think outside the box. Don’t just think about one career path that 'starts here,' goes in a particular direction, and 'ends there.' He has learned that there are other ways of being happy than staying on the path that you started out on. He considers himself very lucky to have a popular blog that thousands read each day, while also having a challenging practice as an attorney."

Unfortunately, Best's post leaves unanswered the question every blogger wants to ask: How does Bashman blog so copiously?

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on May 9, 2007 at 03:25 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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