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A Dope Request to Remove a Post

In the quest for search-engine rankings, are lawyers forgetting the value of good PR? As told in a post at Blawg Review, that might be the case. The anonymous editor of this blog says he received an e-mail from L.A. lawyer Allison Margolin, aka LA's Dopest Attorney, asking him to remove a blog post he wrote about her last year. We've all heard of bloggers receiving take-down letters in which posts are claimed to be defamatory or otherwise legally offensive. But Margolin's complaint was much different. She wanted Blawg Review to remove its post because it is ranking higher than her own site in a Google search for "LA's Dopest Attorney." The Blawg Review editor puts it this way:

"Did we say anything untrue or unflattering? Did we cause her embarrassment? No, it seems the problem is that her computer guys are having difficulty getting their client's blog to the number one spot on Google for the search string LA's Dopest Attorney."

Generously -- and tongue-in-cheekly -- the editor implores readers to add links to Margolin's blog on their own blogs, "and give her the Google juice she deserves." Meanwhile, in what can only be considered an act of poetic justice, Margolin's computer guy is featured on a YouTube video sending his client an e-mail informing her that her blog's ranking on Technorati has surged to 188,865th place.

In that original Blawg Review post, the editor called Margolin "definitely one to watch." Thanks to that post, other bloggers such as Susan Cartier Liebel at Build a Solo Practice learned about Margolin and praised her for her brilliant branding campaign. Apparently, however, Margolin and her computer guy think a slight boost in Google rankings is worth more than all this good PR. Sounds like a case of failing to see the forest for the trees.

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on June 25, 2007 at 05:20 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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