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Put the Fax out of Its Misery

It is time to put the fax machine out of its misery -- or, more accurately, put ourselves out of the misery of the fax. "Third Wave" blogger Chuck Newton says it in his post, Are Faxes Going The Way Of The Dinosaur? They Should!, but we all know we've been thinking it for a long time now. I have not owned a fax machine since I can't remember when. I admit I do keep up one of those fax-to-e-mail accounts for the amusement of the legal and business dinosaurs who have yet to discover the e-mail attachment. But most of what I receive from it is fax spam.

Sure, once upon a time the fax itself seemed -- dare I say it -- third wave. Newton relates a story from 1987, when a Texas ice storm kept him from traveling from Texarkana to Lufkin to file a motion. Instead, he faxed it to the copy store by the courthouse and had the owner carry it to the clerk. The court was so taken aback that it held Newton in contempt and issued a capias for his arrest. When Newton finally got before the judge to explain the fax, "the judge was just dumbfounded."

Whatever the wonder of the fax then, its time has come and gone. As Newton writes:

"I have been thinking that fax technology is dead, and I do not want to use it any longer.  I do not want to pay eFax more money. I do not want a separate phone line or number. We all have our cheap scan snap scanners. There is probably something out there better than PDF, but it is what is durable now. I only maintain faxes because there are a few lawyers and clients (and institutions) that just refuse to adjust to that which is easier, better and cheaper. They are stuck in 1987 Lufkin, Texas."

So, what do we need, a petition? Can't we all just get together as a profession and declare an end to the fax?

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on July 18, 2007 at 03:21 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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