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The State of Law Professor Blogging

Professor Daniel Solove has his annual report on the state of law professor blogging in this post at Concurring Opinions. In 2007, there are 365 law professor bloggers (one for each day of the year!), with a change of 58 new bloggers and six departed since October 2006. As in the law blogosphere, male law prof bloggers outnumber the women, with 268 men and 93 women -- or a breakdown of 74%/26%. And new professor bloggers joined in similar proportions. 

The ranks of blogging professors have nearly tripled since 2005. Back then, Solove notes that there were only 130 law professor bloggers -- 28 female and 102 male. The schools with the top number of bloggers are Chicago (with 18), Georgetown (17), San Diego (9) and Illinois (8) -- though it's not clear whether they each have their own blogs or participate in group efforts (which involve less time commitment).

There's other information I'd like to see in the study. How many law professor bloggers are tenured versus not -- and does that impact blogging decisions (are law professors more likely to blog to increase visibility and concommitantly, the chances of tenure, or are they less likely to do so for fear that they won't be viewed as "real scholars"? )? How many of the law professor blogs have been cited in law reviews -- and do law professors view citation as a benefit of blogging worth mention? I imagine that, eventually, we'll see more about the impact of blogging law professors on legal scholarship -- though, ironically, a more comprehensive study will probably appear in a traditional law review or journal rather than a blog.

Posted by Carolyn Elefant on July 31, 2007 at 07:02 PM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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