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Lawyer May Pass the Bar, but Still Can't Enter One

Remember Doogie Howser, the fictitious teen doctor of the eponymous TV series? Now, the Los Angeles Times has this article about Doogie's real-life, law counterpart:  Kathleen Holtz, an 18-year-old UCLA law grad and law review editor, who's awaiting the results of the California bar. If she passes, Holtz will become the youngest practicing attorney in California, if not the nation. 

Under the legal drinking age during law school, Holtz had to pass on monthly law school beer bashes and "bar reviews" -- where students would visit bars around the city. Of course, many law students didn't realize that Holtz was underaged, figuring that she was 21 or 22 when, in fact, she was 15. And, Holtz reports, upon learning her age as many as 90 percent of law students turned hostile. According to the article, Holtz skipped high school, but based on the description of her law school classmate's reaction, it sounds like Holtz had her high school experience after all -- only in law school.

But all of that is behind Holtz now. She's been hired by a firm (which, according to the WSJ Law Blog, recruited Holtz at 17 and had some concerns about child labor laws). But after she passes the bar, she'll still have to spend three more years passing the bars ... until she's old enough to drink.

Posted by Carolyn Elefant on October 19, 2007 at 05:27 PM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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