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SoCal Lawyer Too Close for Comfort

As wildfires raged across Southern California, lawyers and law professors were among those forced to evacuate their homes and offices, as The National Law Journal reports. But one lawyer-blogger found himself uncomfortably close to the blaze this week, as he describes on his blog through words and dramatic pictures. J. Craig Williams, whose blog, May It Please the Court, is part of the Blog Network, lives in Irvine, Calif. On Sunday, he posted a horrifying set of pictures showing one fire's bright red flames and thick black smoke. Even more horrifying, he shot the pictures from his house, and the fire was across the street. As he wrote then, "Pretty scary stuff."

In a follow-up post on Monday, his house had survived, but the blaze had spread its devastation elsewhere. When he took the pictures the night before, he wrote, the fire had burned 20 acres. By the next morning, it had spread over 8,800 acres.

"Think about that for a minute, and do the math. That's burning at the rate of more than 10 acres per minute.  Think about evacuating with fire and wind chasing you at that speed, and then think about trying to evacuate a 1,600 home complex (where I live) out of only three exits."

Craig appears to be OK. He is still posting to his blog, and on Monday he and I recorded a Lawyer2Lawyer podcast. I hope that Craig and his family remain safe and well. And I hope the same for all the legal professionals who work and live in Southern California.

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on October 24, 2007 at 05:36 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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