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Top Law Schools: Chapman Beats Yale

I have to love any ranking of law schools that puts my alma mater, Boston College Law School, three places above Harvard Law and 24 places above that one in New Haven. And that's with BC coming in just outside the top 10, at No. 11, behind top-ranked schools that include Chicago and Michigan in the top two spots. Oh, and Brigham Young at No. 8.

This topsy-turvy top-schools ranking comes courtesy of Paul L. Caron at TaxProf Blog, who has been having great fun in recent weeks crunching numbers drawn from the Princeton Review's 2008 ranking of the Best 170 Law Schools. Two weeks ago, he blogged the lists of the Top 10 law schools in 11 categories posted on Princeton Review's Web site. Next, he extracted the data from the individual profiles of each of the 170 schools and came up with the top 25 and bottom 25 schools in each of six categories:

Finally, this week he crunched and crumbled the Princeton Review numbers even more to come up with what they show to be the top 50 law schools. He also lists the schools on his top 50 list with the greatest variance from their ranking by U.S. News. Chapman, for example, does not make the U.S. News top 100, but it ranks 32nd on Caron's list, ahead of Yale. Another lower-tier school by U.S. News standards, St. Thomas, is 38th on the Caron/Princeton list. As for Yale and Harvard, U.S. News puts them at first and second.

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on October 24, 2007 at 05:41 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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