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Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday, because no doubt you'll wake up early Friday morning to get a head start on shopping for all the lawyers on your holiday gift list. But what to get your favored members of the bar? Two legal bloggers have some suggestions for you.

First off is Reid Trautz of Reid My Blog!, whose third annual gift guide is beginning to become a holiday tradition. He does it, Trautz says, as "a public service for my learned professional colleagues and their time-sensitive, gift idea-starved family, friends, partners, associates and, dare I say, appreciative clients?" (Are you listening, appreciative clients?) His recommendations range from the predictable -- yes, yes, we all want an iPhone -- to items we never knew about but definitely need. In the latter category: the sonic alarm grenade for waking sleeping teenagers, the animatronic singing Elvis and the Buddha Board for the type-A lawyers on your list. Others are more practical but equally desired: the Garmin GPS, which can not only guide you to the courthouse but, as Trautz notes, save your marriage; and WildCharge, the first wireless charging system for hand-held devices. And then there's the gift I just can't reach a verdict on: Dough-Nu-Matic, the counter-top mini-donut maker sure to blow every lawyer's New Year's resolution.

If the lawyer on your gift list happens to practice in the field of patent law, then consider the holiday gift guide for patent attorneys compiled by Dennis Crouch at his blog Patently-O. As a patent lawyer, Crouch can't help but favor his inner geek in drawing up his list. Thus, his top recommendation is the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner. "Even a patent attorney can handle this vacuum," he explains. Crouch concurs with Trautz in recommending a Garmin GPS, and like Trautz he sees a marriage-saving role for the hand-held Garmin Nuvi 260 -- he's getting one for his mother-in-law. (Let's hope she doesn't read his blog). Crouch favors an iPod Nano over an iPhone, and even offers some geeky attire: the reverse engineer T-shirt and a blue Oxford shirt (wrinkle-free and stain resistant, of course). But the most priceless item on his wish list: "New management at the PTO, more technically-trained federal judges, and a Congress that is not for sale." Good luck with that last one.

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on November 21, 2007 at 12:51 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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