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The Lawtunes: Live at Blackacre

Blackacrecover Lawrence Savell has shed his Santa suit. The New York lawyer who produced and recorded three classic holiday humor albums mocking everything from billable hours to bar exams, has released a new CD that breaks with tradition and abandons the holiday theme for pure rock 'n' roll. (OK, there is one Christmas song, about a lawyer who becomes Santa's G.C.) But in keeping with its forbears, the new release, The LawTunes: Live at Blackacre, offers a line-up of songs that pokes fun at lawyers in a way that only a lawyer could do. Take the song, "(She's An) Electronic Discovery," in which late-night document review uncovers a picture of a particularly fetching employee and spawns an amorous fantasy:

    Accessible in her native format
    In photographic preservation
    No evidence of spoliation.
    (She's An) Electronic Discovery
    Like an e-mail she sends me
    If I meta, then I'd data.

In another "love song" (so to speak), a lawyer turns to his Bluebook after his black book lets him down:

    Little Bluebook be my guide
    To the source of love denied
    As the sole authority
    Pinpoint her tonight for me.

Listen closely -- very closely -- and you just might hear echoes of Brian Wilson, the troubled genius of The Beach Boys. How else to explain the copy of Wilson's autobiography nestled among The Bluebook, Black's Law Dictionary and a guitar on the album's cover? Wilson inspired The Beatles, why not Savell too?

Savell writes and records these songs himself in a home studio. You can buy his latest CD and any of his earlier recordings through his LawTunes Web site ($14.95 plus shipping). You can even buy the boxed set of all four Savell CDs, sure to be a collector's item someday.

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on November 15, 2007 at 12:25 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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