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Are You An Aspiring Law Professor? Here Are Some Job Opportunities for You

Tired of the practice of law?  If you're interested in teaching instead of toiling, check out this extensive compilation of law teaching fellowships posted at Tax Prof Blog. Not surprisingly, however, there's a cost to this type of career change; as Rick Swedloff points out at Concurring Opinions, teaching fellowships, "while by no means poverty-inducing... are not a lucrative proposition:"

Georgetown pays $70,000 for an eighteen month period. Harvard offers $60,000 per year for the Clemenko. Yale offers $42,250 for the Ruebhausen and Ribicoff. Stanford offers $50,000 for a first year fellow and $55,000 for returning fellows. Temple offers $36,000. These stipends are certainly less than the average tenure track professor.

Swedloff suggests that fellowships benefit law schools by providing cheap labor and an opportunity to evaluate candidates more closely before accepting them to a tenure track position.  But fellows accrue benefits as well, including a chance to learn how to teach, meet faculty and write articles.

Granted the fellowship salaries don't match full professor salaries, nor do they compare to law firm salaries, by any means (unless, you're just comparing the fellowship to a biglaw bonus).  However, if the alternative is continuing at a job where you're miserable, then the value of the fellowship ticket, if not the actual salary, is priceless.

Posted by Carolyn Elefant on December 4, 2007 at 04:56 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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