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Hands Down, the Absolute BEST Lawyer Ad of the Year

I don't know whether Tom Goldstein of SCOTUS Blog intended this holiday greeting video as a marketing tool, but hands down, it's the best, absolute BEST lawyer advertisement of the year.  In a video just shy of three minutes, which appears to have been home-produced on a Mac, Goldstein subtly conveys that (1) he has direct access to, and is on a first name basis with, Supreme Court luminaries like Laurence Tribe and Solicitor General Paul Clement; (2) he's a go-to resource for media folks like Nina Totenberg and (3) he can (and does) respond to inquiries within seconds, using data that he carries, quite literally, in the palm of his hand.  For clients who need a first rate, cutting edge Supreme Court litigator, Goldstein's video makes a powerful case.

The genius of the video goes further, though, capitalizing on current trends.  Showing off an iPhone will make Goldstein the darling of the tech community,  a potentially rich source of Supreme Court litigation.  And with Apple presumably eager to combat the perception of the iPhone as a toy, rather than a serious business application, I wouldn't be surprised to see Goldstein's video featured in an iPhone commercial, thus giving Goldstein even broader exposure.

As I predicted earlier, videos represent a growing trend in online law firm marketing.  Lawyers (and marketers), watch and learn!

Posted by Carolyn Elefant on December 26, 2007 at 02:28 PM | Permalink | Comments (6)


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