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How to Leverage Your Blog Posts

Leverage and grow isn't very useful or substantive advice for law firms seeking to identify the opportunities, or tackle the challenges associated with operating in a 21st century global economy, says Bruce MacEwen.  But for matters such as running a blog (which is far less complex than managing a 3,000 person enterprise), leverage and grow may be just the trick for success, according to Jane Genova of Law and More.

Genova points out that leveraging blog posts makes all the difference between a successful blog that generates business and one that may lead to lots of interesting discussion, but doesn't produce a dime of revenue.  So how does one leverage a blog?  Genova suggests:

  1. Choose certain posts (particularly those where you express an opinion) and transmit them to the media and those who can help to reel in business.
  2. Compile your best content into a self-published 35 page e-book to distribute for free, or even try to sell on Amazon (Matt Homann is already doing this).
  3. Be a guest on another blog to experiment with a different voice and obtain additional exposure.
  4. Identify business prospects and interview them for your blog.

Of course, not all bloggers want to leverage their blogs for business. Simple Justice's Scott Greenfield expressed in an interview with Lexblog that he blogs for fun, not for the purpose of marketing himself. 

Do you have any ideas for leveraging blogs?  Do you find that blogging for business takes the fun out of blogging -- or does blogging simply become a fun way to develop business? 

Posted by Carolyn Elefant on December 18, 2007 at 04:21 PM | Permalink | Comments (5)


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