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Lusty Lawyers Drop Their Briefs

Here is a sentence you would find only in a U.K. tabloid: "A host of lusty lawyers have been dropping their briefs to enjoy a bit of rumpy-pumpy at the office." While that sentence from The Sun is as yellow as they come, it introduces a piece about a legal trade magazine's annual Christmas Quiz, one that -- while it avoids use of the phrase "rumpy-pumpy" -- has readers on both sides of the pond trying to guess the identities of the lawyers whose amorous exploits provide its fodder. Among the questions picked by journalists at Legal Business that tease to actual events:

  • WHICH female partner at a top City law firm was banished to Asia after she was caught having a three-some with two trainees in the office?
  • WHICH City partner had to take time off to save his marriage after discovering his wife was having an affair with a Premiership footballer?
  • WHICH leading partner was so tired of waiting for a cab in Cannes, France, that he hailed a hooker and asked her to drive him to his hotel, before paying her for the lift and asking her to leave?

Other stories include the secretary who hit another with a bottle of champagne while battling for a partner's attention at a firm party. "Our quiz seems to suggest that morality levels in the legal profession are directly linked to earnings, with one decreasing as the other increases," Legal Business editor James Baxter told The Telegraph.

Hat tips to Above the Law and Charon QC.

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on December 7, 2007 at 12:44 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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