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Blawgs: A Lawyer's First Reader

"See Tom. Tom is a lawyer. Tom has a blawg. See Tom run with blawg. See Tom get attention. See Tom get smarter. See Tom get clients."

Maybe that level of simplicity is needed to get some stuck-in-the-mud lawyers to see the appeal of blogs. Lawyers who read or write blogs will attest that their magic is no fairy tale. But a children's story could well be the way to reach lawyers who refuse to grow up about marketing and technology. That may be what motivated Wisconsin blogger Beverly Butula, law librarian at Davis & Kuelthau, to put her presentation about blawgs in the form of a children's story, Bella is Bewildered About Blogs.

Bella's story begins once upon a weekly meeting of the litigation group at a Milwaukee law firm.

Every Monday the group met to discuss current issues. One Monday, a colleague named Greg informed everyone of a recent decision that could affect the outcome of a large case the firm was handling. After the meeting, Bella asked, 'How did you hear about that case?' Greg answered, 'I saw it on a blog I monitor.'

Like another popular children's book character, Bella was curious. But as Butula portrays her, she was no chimp. She left the meeting and set out on a journey to learn all she could about blogs, concluding, "How great is this!"

Bella cannot wait to locate professional blogs and news sources. Then she will add them to her reader. She will have to take Greg out to lunch to thank him for telling her about legal Blogs.

Of course, with blogs having rescued her, Bella lived happily ever after. No word of what came of her lunch with Greg, who some in the office considered a toad.

Thanks to WisBlawg for pointing this out.

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on January 16, 2008 at 01:37 PM | Permalink | Comments (2)


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