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Collective Advice to a New Lawyer

Easter is a ways off still, but there are Easter eggs hidden throughout today's Blawg Review #142, written by Susan Cartier Liebel at Build a Solo Practice, LLC. Liebel styles this week's roundup of law-related blogs in the form of a letter to a new lawyer. Cleverly, she incorporates blog names throughout the letter, such as in this excerpt:

You may have the Dreams of a Solo and hope to one day say to your child, 'that's My Shingle.' You  realize you will need a Startup Toolbox and have learned you will have to be your own Chief Happiness Officer. Quite often that is when you will face the most resistance from others, and the secret envy of many.

Now here's where she's hidden the Easter eggs. Unlike the typical Blawg Review format, Liebel gives you no clue about the topics of the posts she links to. She leaves it to the reader to click through to each post. As you do (if you do), you find that some of the links -- not all of them -- lead to other bloggers' own letters to new lawyers. Thus, you get not only Leibel's letter, but also letters from the likes of Carolyn Elefant, Julie Fleming-Brown, Kira Fonteneau, Anastasia Pryanikova and Chuck Newton, to reveal just a few. It is an Easter egg hunt that demonstrates why the single best piece of advice to a new lawyer may be to join the legal collective known as the blawgosphere.

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on January 14, 2008 at 12:43 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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