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Blawgers Help Victim of Lost Bar Exam Find Relief

There's a happy ending for Eric Zeni, one of the victims of last summer's New York Bar exam fiasco which involved the loss of 47 bar exams due to a software snafu.  Zeni, whose laptop crashed during the exam and appeared to have erased one of his essays, successfully appealed his failing score after learning about the review process from Eric Turkewitz at New York Personal Injury Lawyer, whose own exam results had been lost by the New York Bar examiners 22 years earlier.

Yesterday Zeni shared the details of his story, and Turkewitz's role in this exclusive post at New York Personal Injury Lawyer.  In November 2007, Zeni learned that he had failed the New York Bar exam by four points.  After obtaining copies of his exam, he discovered that the essay he'd been writing when his computer crashed and subsequently finished by hand, was incomplete.  Zeni had seen extensive coverage of the software malfunction at Turkewitz's blog and made contact to learn whether Turkewitz was aware of a review process.  Turkewitz called the Board of Law Examiners (BOLE) and confirmed  that it would entertain appeals based on the malfunction.  Eventually, after Zeni's repeated communications with BOLE officials, Zeni's lost essay response was recovered and graded and Zeni passed the exam. 

Zeni credits Turkewitz for his advice and assistance.  But there's another law blogger involved in this story, who helped these two victims of lost New York Bar exams find each other.  That would be Above the Law's David Lat, whose request for anecdotes about lost bar exams inspired Turkewitz to share his own story and to cover last summer's New York bar scandal.

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Posted by Carolyn Elefant on February 28, 2008 at 12:58 PM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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