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Fishing for Theme, Blawg Review Finds Memes

If Blawg Review was simply about rounding up the week's more interesting blawg posts, it would be work enough. But as the number of weekly installments moves well into the hundreds, the challenge for each week's reviewer to come up with a novel theme in which to wrap the roundup. For Blawg Review #148, Brett J. Trout, the Iowa patent attorney who writes BlawgIT, says that his search for a theme led him to Internet memes. He explains:

When considering a theme for this week’s Blawg Review, one thing that struck me was that lawyers do not seem to spend nearly as much time screwing around on the web as your average employee. As a result, most lawyers are wildly deficient in their knowledge of Internet memes. An Internet meme is any amusing video, email, picture, audio clip or other material that spreads virally across the internet. Unlike computer viruses, which spread based upon how many paint chips the people opening them consumed in their youth, Internet memes spread based upon how entertaining people find them.

Thus, as Trout reviews the blawgosphere week that was, he delivers as well a compilation of several of the most popular memes, from Rick Rolling to Numa Numa. Lest your associates think you're one of those workers Trout mentions who spends too much time surfing the Web, you may want to check out this Blawg Review from the safety of your home office.

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on February 25, 2008 at 11:20 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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