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Lawyer Presidential Primary Roundup

PresbadgeWith the presidential primaries still moving along, it's time for another roundup of news on the legal issues raised during the race and on the two remaining lawyer-candidates competing for the Democratic nomination.

Negotiation Style: Obama v. Clinton With Obama and Clinton going head to head in serial debates, there's lots of discussion and analysis of their respective debating and negotiating styles. Daily Kos gives the edge on negotiation skills to Obama, wondering if Clinton holds a disadvantage because negotiation skills weren't taught in the law school curriculum of her generation. And Settle It Now Negotiation Blog discusses two mediators' assessments of the effectiveness with which Obama and Clinton have voiced their respective messages.

Signing Statements Yesterday, the Washington Post reported on the remaining candidates' positions on signing statements, a practice whereby the President, instead of vetoing a law, signs it but publicly states his reservation about enforcing it.  For the record, as we posted here, President Bush frequently employs signing statements, a practice that the ABA criticized.  As for the candidates' position on signing statements, McCain says, "Never, never, never, never. If I disagree with a law that passed, I'll veto it."  Clinton and Obama believe that Bush has gone too far with signing statements, however, neither would rule out the practice in appropriate (Obama) or rare (Clinton) situations.

Obama's Impact on Biglaw Attorney Taxes Ted Frank, guest posting at Above the Law explores the impact that Obama's tax policy might have on biglaw attorneys' take home pay.  Frank points out two adverse impacts: an end to the Bush tax cuts, that could bump taxes up by three percent and (2) an end to the social security tax cap, currently set at $102,000.  The elimination of the tax cap could add several thousand dollars to a large firm lawyer's annual tax bill.  Visit the post, where you can play around with a spreadsheet to predict the economic impact of an Obama presidency on your individual financial state.

Clinton the Criminal Defense Lawyer Who knew that once upon a time, Hillary Clinton acted as a court-appointed criminal attorney?  Hat tip to Sentencing Law Prof Doug Berman for the link.

Posted by Carolyn Elefant on February 26, 2008 at 03:11 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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