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LTNY 2008: Apple Doubles iPhone and iPod Touch Capacity

Apple doubled the capacity of the iPhone (from 8GB to 16GB) and the iPod Touch (from 16GB to 32GB)  today for an additional $100, just in time for LegalTech browsers to squeeze a few out of the tech budget. CNET has the news:

The new iPhone and iPod Touch appear to be unchanged from their previous incarnations, though they ship with the new software unveiled at Macworld, which provides the ability to edit the home screen and triangulate your position using Maps.

The release of that software really changed the iPod Touch into a new type of device, Joswiak said, and Apple is now playing up the iPod Touch as a "Wi-Fi mobile device," as opposed to a high-end iPod. "It becomes even more promising, once we enter the world of the SDK," he said, referring to the expected release of the software developer's kit for the iPhone and iPod Touch in late February.


Posted by John Bringardner on February 5, 2008 at 01:52 PM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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