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Quickie Presidential Campaign Roundup

PresbadgeIt's been a while since our last presidential primary roundup, so here's the latest installment.

Will Heller Shoot Down McCain's Chance to Lure Conservatives? - Orin Kerr, from his perch at Slate's new legal blog, Convictions thinks that John McCain's chances of winning a strong conservative turnout may be shot now that yesterday's oral argument in D.C. v. Heller reveals at least five clear votes in favor of recognizing an individual's constitutional right to bear arms under the Second Amendment.  Kerr reasons that a Supreme Court endorsement of an individual right may lull the conservative base into believing that the court will retain its conservative bent even with the likely new appointments that a Democratic president would make.  As a result, conservatives may decide to stay home on election day. 

Cisco Supports Hillary - Mark Chandler, Cisco Systems' GC first met Hillary Clinton a little more than a year ago while dining at a D.C. restaurant with his daughter, according to the Legal Times.  Clinton came over to say hello and impressed Chandler both with her knowledge of the technology industry and her ability to put his daughter at ease.  Since then, he's been rallying support for Clinton across the country, helping to raise $13.2 million from lawyers to Obama's $11.2 million. 

Giuliani Returns to Private Practice - Rudy Giuliani didn't last very long in the presidential primaries.  Now, instead of logging long hours on the campaign trail, he's back to logging long billable hours at his former law firm, Bracewell and Giuliani, according to this Wall Street Journal update.

Obama's Speech on Race - In response to criticisms about his affiliation with the controversial and often inflammatory minister, Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama yesterday delivered this Speech on Race.  Though Obama's speech opens with a line from the Constitution, it wasn't about the law at all, but rather how our own personal attitudes about race frustrate progress towards a united society.

Posted by Carolyn Elefant on March 19, 2008 at 02:55 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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