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More Presidential Election Roundups

Presbadge In honor of today's Pennsylvania Democratic primary and Earth Day, here's another installment of the Presidential Election Roundup.

Candidates' Positions On Climate Change - It seems that no matter which candidate is elected, we'll see some national change on climate change, according to this Business Week story, "Climate Change: Comparing the Candidates." All three remaining candidates -- Senators Clinton, Obama and McCain -- support policy initiatives that would promote energy efficiency and mitigate climate change.  Clinton and Obama both favor additional government investment for clean energy initiatives, while McCain is a proponent of legislation that would impose emissions limits -- which would represent a departure from current Republican policies under President Bush.  Still, some environmental groups fear that McCain will not respond to climate change aggressively enough and further, might fill vacant positions on the Supreme Court with conservative judges who would overturn last year's ruling that the EPA has the authority to regulate carbon dioxide under existing laws.

Do Some Law Firms Pressure Associates to Support Candidates? - Dan Slater at the WSJ Law Blog notes a story from the Daily Journal (not available online) reporting that lawyers are "the biggest contributors by profession to both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s campaigns -- and the second-biggest to presumptive Republican nominee John McCain’s campaign."  Lawyers have donated $13.7 million of the $193 million raised by Obama, $14.8 million of Clinton's $169 million.  Not surprisingly, the largest donations flow from large law firms, such as Skadden and Jones Day.  All of these donations prompted Lawrence Hurley, who reported the story, to ask whether law firms pressure associates to contribute to the campaigns that their bosses support.

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