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Imposter Could Give Lawyers Bad Name

An Illinois woman who tried to pass herself off as a lawyer will now need a real one after her arrest last week. Police in Joliet arrested the woman, Misty Giblin, Thursday on a charge of impersonating a lawyer, The Herald News reports. "It's one of the stranger cases we've had," the police chief said.

Strange, indeed, given that Giblin appears to have orchestrated the entire ruse seeking to pocket little more than petty cash. After befriending a couple in her neighborhood, she told them that she was a lawyer concentrating in divorce and family law. She asked them if they would be interested in adopting a child who would be taken away from an unfit mother. They were, so Giblin had them sign some legal papers. This was when the couple first became suspicious, because Giblin would not let them keep copies of the papers, explaining that the adoption was private.

Their suspicions grew deeper when Giblin told them the mother was about to give birth and would need money orders for $70, $40 and $5. At this point, another friend pointed the couple to the Department of Corrections Web site. There, they learned that Giblin was paroled from prison in 2006 where she had been serving a three-year sentence for theft and passing bad checks. The couple called police, who investigated and determined that Giblin was not a lawyer. After her arrest, Giblin told police her occupation was "homemaker." Sure it is.

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on June 16, 2008 at 01:45 PM | Permalink | Comments (89)


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