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LegalTech West Coast Trivia

As we gear up for the first day of LegalTech West Coast tomorrow, here's a little test of your conference knowledge -- past, present and future:

1. Who is the keynote speaker opening LegalTech West Coast '08 on Thursday June 26?

2. Where is LTWC being held?

3. What Disneyland icon is being honored as part of the FutureTech panel on Friday June 27?

4. True or False: Non-vendor bloggers can get a free full conference pass to LTWC.

5.  When and where is the Bloggers' Breakfast?

6. 2008 is the ___th year of LegalTech.

7. What panel is named after a column in Law Technology News?

8. What are the dates of LegalTech New York 09?

9. Who is the Friday morning keynote speaker at LTWC?

10. Who is the head of LegalTech?

Posted by Monica Bay on June 25, 2008 at 12:04 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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