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LTWC 2008: Second-Day Thoughts on the Keynote

It's day two of LegalTech West Coast and the bloggers have had a little time to contemplate Thursday's sessions away from the show floor. Things are different out here in LA. Walking from my hotel down to the convention center I noticed other pedestrians -- not as much of a novelty here anymore as the price of gas inches past $5 a gallon -- and the fact that they actually wait at crosswalks instead of diving through the traffic like New Yorkers. It's different out among the show's booths too. There aren't as many vendors and attendees as the massive LegalTech New York extravaganza, but that means firms and IT staff have more of a chance to chew over new technologies and have in-depth discussions without worrying that another pack of Flavia-powered show-goers are going to run them down in the aisles.

So far most bloggers are still thinking through the first day's keynote address by Chevron GC Charles James:

-- Law Biz Blog: "While Mr. James disclaims any real knowledge of technology, he certainly understands what he needs from technology to do his job better.  Those who serve customers/clients must listen to the needs/messages from those who sign the check if they want to survive and thrive in the future. Thank you Mr. James for being so direct and so candid."

-- Document Retention and Electronic Discovery Hot Topics: "He humbly noted that he had been overly seduced by the idea of automation while under-estimating the value of change management to lead to successful implementations."

-- Post Process: "His final remark was a challenge to vendors: he said that after the country’s legal system “is fixed,” effectively ending the e-discovery gold rush, he hoped that vendors would put as much zeal into crafting KM solutions as they currently do with EDD."

Posted by John Bringardner on June 27, 2008 at 03:02 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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