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Rehashing Kerry's Choice of Law School

As someone who graduated from Boston College Law School, I took it as a personal insult in 2004 when blogger and law professor Ann Althouse asked, "If John Kerry is so smart, then why did he go to BC Law?"

Since he was rich, it can't have been the lure of a free ride. You would think, with his anti-war activism, he would have been a very attractive candidate for admission to Harvard (or another top-ranked law school) if only his LSAT and GPA were at all within range.

Cautioning that she meant "no offense to Boston College," she conjectured that Kerry's attendance there was likely related to his "mental capacity." No offense taken, Ann ... if only I could understand your point.

That, of course, was water under the bridge. But now Thomas H. Lipscomb revisits Kerry's choice of law school in a post at The Huffington Post, suggesting that it was not Kerry's academic incapacity that sent him to BC, but his much-debated military record. The fact that Kerry went to BC over one of those more desirable schools indicates he had something to hide, Lipscomb suggests.

Why had a Boston snob like John Kerry gone to a subway law school like Boston College? A source who had been on the Harvard Law School admissions board revealed that with Kerry's bad military record he was turned down for admission though clearly qualified because they didn't want to admit someone who they thought would be unable to pass the bar.

Subway law school? In three words, Lipscomb demeans both a law school and a public-transit system. Who's the snob in this scenario? Roger Parloff writes this week at Fortune's Legal Pad blog about MBTA employees' offense taken over a series of restaurant ads that touted how "fresh" its fish are by insulting MBTA workers. ("This conductor has a face like a halibut.") Has the MBTA been alerted to Lipscomb's below-the-belt jab? And it's not even accurate -- BC Law is more than three miles from the closest subway stop. Heck, it might as well be in Wisconsin, where Althouse teaches.

For now, I can only hope that someday a BC Law grad will be elected president, and I will no longer have to feel like a second-class citizen. Meanwhile, I will continue reading that subway blog, Eagleionline, which tipped me off to Lipscomb's post.

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on June 30, 2008 at 01:34 PM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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