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LTWC 2008: LegalTech West Coast Trivia Answers!

Chevron_2 1. Keynote speaker, Today! 9 a.m.: Charles James, VP and GC, Chevron

2. The Los Angeles Convention Center is the venue for LegalTech West Coast

3. The third panel of the "Law Technology News presents FutureTech" track is called "TomorrowLand," inspired by the iconic venue at Disneyland in Anaheim, also home of K-Rod and the Los Angeles Angels of Tijuana/SoCal/Orange County/San Diego/Riverside etc.

4. True, any non-vendor blogger can attend LTWC free. Just email

5. The "Bloggers Breakfast" will be held today, after the keynote, from 10-11 in room 508. Everyone is welcome!

6. 2008 marks the 27th year of LegalTech.

Gldellsmall  7. Green Law -- our LTN column on how the legal tech community can combat global warming, is also the title of FutureTech's 1:30-3 pm panel, "Green Law: It's not easy going green... or is it?"  (Friday, Room 503)

8. Feb 2-4, '09 is the next LegalTech NY

9. Magistrate Judge Elizabeth Laporte presents the Friday morning keynote

Henry_210. The esteemed and venerable Henry Payne Dicker ( heads up LegalTech!

Posted by Monica Bay on June 26, 2008 at 10:59 AM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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