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Lawyer Alleged to be Sexual Predator

"Wow." That was the reaction of Zach Lowe at our sibling blog The Am Law Daily after reading charges against prominent Texas plaintiffs' lawyer Richard Laminack made in a wrongful termination lawsuit filed this week by former paralegal Angela Robinson. I second that emotion. To wit:

Laminack was and remains a sexual predator. During and after working hours, both on and off the premises and with the actual knowledge of his peers and superiors, he used and continues to use his position of power and authority over vulnerable, economically-dependent and emotionally vulnerable subordinates to seduce or compel, as circumstances might warrant, intimate sexual relations of a conventional as well as deviate nature. Laminack is bisexual, preying on susceptible male as well as female employees. Knowing full well of Laminack's proclivities, OLP and LPM simply adopted the expedient practice of enabling Laminack's tastes by handsomely compensating injured employees in exchange for their perpetual silence.

Perpetual doesn't mean forever, it appears. Robinson's references to "OLP" and "LPM" are to the two law firms in which Laminack has been a principal: Laminack, Pirtle & Martines and O'Quinn, Laminack & Pirtle. The latter, with which Laminack is no longer associated, now goes by the name The O'Quinn Law Firm.

Robinson alleges that, besides preying on her directly, Laminack once tried to convince her to go to the hotel room of a highly paid expert witness who was faring poorly in a deposition. Her instructions were to "take care" of him in order to improve his mood. "The clear implication of Laminack's suggestion was that, at a minimum, Robinson was expected to fellate Laminack's very expensive yet defective expert witness," the complaint alleges.

The situation all came to a head -- no pun intended -- after Robinson refused Laminack's offer of $15,000 to accompany him on a weekend trip to Las Vegas, she alleges. This, coupled with her previous rejections of his advances, "sealed her fate as an employee of Defendant law firms." Her lawsuit seeks $27,500 in damages for unpaid overtime plus unspecified damages for wrongful termination, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on July 30, 2008 at 12:13 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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