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The Karma of Business Development

Mark Beese has been an infrequent poster lately at his blog, Leadership for Lawyers, which, like this blog, is part of the Blog Network. This is understandable, given his day job as head of marketing at Holland & Hart. So I was glad to see, via Larry Bodine's Law Marketing Blog, that the latest issue of the business development newsletter Originate! includes a piece by Beese on the why and how of building relationships.

In the article, Beese tells the story of his encounter many years ago with a top rainmaker at his firm. Curious about the lawyer's success in developing business, Beese asked his secret. The lawyer traced it back to early in his own career, when he made himself a list of people he thought would someday be successful. "My goal was to develop a relationship with each person so that when he or she needed a lawyer, I would be the first person they called," he told Beese. Initially, he built relationships with 40 people. Over time, the list grew to more than 100. As predicted, some of the people became quite successful and developed into major clients.

So what did Beese learn from his conversation with this senior rainmaker? Several lessons, and I urge you to read his article to get all of them. But the overarching one, of course, is that relationships are the key to success and that developing relationships takes planning and work. "Always look for a way to help others, even if it doesn't immediately benefit you," Beese writes. "Believe in karma."

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on July 24, 2008 at 12:59 PM | Permalink | Comments (2)


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