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Presidential Race Roundup: Biden, the Lawyer VP Candidate

This past weekend, Barack Obama announced his vice-presidential choice, veteran Senator and fellow lawyer, Joseph Biden.  Here's a quick roundup of posts from the blogosphere on Biden's position on various legal issues, as well as how he matches up intellectually and ethically against Obama.

Biden's Lobbyist Connections -- Obama has been criticized for ties to lobbyists and his affiliation with the now-jailed Illinois "political fixer" Tony Rezko.  But Biden brings his own share of controversy to the ticket.  Biden's brother and son are embroiled in two lawsuits involving allegations of defrauding a business partner, reports the Washington Post and Biden himself has been linked to the disgraced Mississippi plaintiffs lawyer, Dickie Scruggs, according to the WSJ Law Blog

Biden's Tech Record -- CNET describes Biden as a politician with "a mixed record on technology who has spent most of his Senate career allied with the FBI and copyright holders."  The lengthy piece covers topics ranging from Biden's proposals supporting anti-encryption legislation and an expansion of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and wiretap laws to his letter to the DOJ recommending prosecution of individuals who intentionally allow mass copying on peer-to-peer networks.

Biden on Crime -- Professor Doug Berman points out that Biden has been ahead of the curve on some sentencing issues, but also agrees with Jeralyn Merritt that Biden will toe the requisite "tough on crime" party line.

Biden's Academic Record -- While Obama earned top grades from law professors for his scholarship as a law professor, Dan Markel of Prawfs Blawg can't say the same about Biden's academic background.  Markel writes:

As a professor, I can't help but notice that Biden had (at best) an utterly mediocre  academic background, and he was busted for plagiarism as a student and as a presidential candidate. Really, do academic achievement and intellectual integrity matter so little??

Finally, a hat tip to New York Personal Injury Attorney Eric Turkewitz who predicted the Obama/Biden pairing even before the Iowa caucus. 

Posted by Carolyn Elefant on August 25, 2008 at 11:07 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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