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Malaysian Blogger Ordered to Give Up Sources

Popular Malaysian political blogger Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin (known in the blogosphere as RPK) was ordered to reveal his sources for three articles alleging that attorney Muhammad Shafee Abdullah fabricated sodomy charges against opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, the Associated Press reports. 

The order, secured Wednesday, requires RPK to remove the articles from his Web site, Malaysia Today, and give up the identities of all the visitors who commented on the stories. Following the advice of one commenter, who suggested the lawyer sue RPK "for libel or whatever," Shafee also filed a defamation suit (RPK's second). Using the ever-popular liar liar pants-on-fire defense, Shafee insists that RPK made the whole thing up.

According to RPK, the set-up comes from the top: Prime Minister "Abdullah is the hidden hand and Shafee is the henchman who was tasked with the job of implementing the evil deed." But that's not all -- the blogger also explains why someone who already has plenty of money and a healthy sex life would get so involved in a government frame-job: 

Okay, so we can rule out money and sex. But what about power? What if he is slated to be the next Attorney-General and whether he gets the job or not depends on how successfully he can neutralise Anwar and remove him as a threat to Umno?

It wasn't the articles alone that have Shafee up in arms. According to the AP, the lawyer intends to go after each and every commenter who defamed him in their responses to the articles -- not surprising, given the insults that were thrown around, like "crooks" and "maggot breath mouths."

RPK isn't the only blogger facing legal heat in the region this year. In early June we wrote about California-based lawyer Gopalan Nair, a Singapore native, who was arrested and "charged in a Singapore court over comments he made on his blog and in an e-mail that were critical of the judge presiding over a defamation case."

Posted by Nicole White on August 14, 2008 at 03:07 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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