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Lawyer Helps Save Little Boy's Life

Ten-month-old Frank Matos Lopez from the Dominican Republic is being admitted to Children's Hospital Boston today for surgery to save his life. It may never have happened without the efforts of Louis J. Farrah II, a lawyer in Lawrence, Mass.

Baby Frank, as he has come to be called, suffers from blue baby syndrome, a congenital heart abnormality that restricts oxygen to the skin and organs. When Farrah first heard about Baby Frank in August through the boy's aunt in Lawrence, the boy was not expected to live to his first birthday in October. The open-heart surgery he needed to correct the condition was not available in the Dominican Republic and his parents lacked the estimated $80,000 needed to have the surgery in the United States.

Himself the father of a young boy, Farrah went to work to get Baby Frank to the United States, even enlisting the help of two of his employees. He contacted hospitals and cardiologists around the country, sought emergency visas through Sen. Edward Kennedy's office, and arranged transportation through the company Angel Flight. Meanwhile, collection cans and fundraisers throughout Greater Lawrence sought to raise the necessary funds.

The pieces finally all fell into place when a Massachusetts medical foundation learned about Farrah's efforts through a newspaper article and agreed to pay for Baby Frank's surgery. D. Raymond Tye and his wife Eileen started their Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation five years ago after their own son died of cancer and saw Baby Frank's case as a perfect fit for their charity. "He is saving the life of this baby," Farrah told a newspaper reporter. "I think the generosity of Mr. Tye and his foundation is just beyond words."

The same can be said of Louis Farrah's generosity and compassion. Read more about Farrah and Baby Frank in this series of articles from the Eagle-Tribune newspaper:

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on September 10, 2008 at 12:28 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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