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Over the summer, I posted about a New Jersey firm's efforts to encourage fitness in the practice of law by allowing lawyers to install exercise equipment, such as treadmill-desks, in their offices.  Apparently, the fitness at work trend is spreading: The New York Times has a story this week about "the small but growing number of desk jockeys" who are walking while they work, using specially designed combination treadmill-desks. The article highlights Terri Krivosha, a partner at a Minneapolis law firm, who logs three miles each workday on a treadmill. Like other professionals featured in the story, Krivosha finds that it's easier to adhere to an exercise regime that she can incorporate into her work day. 

For his part, Charon QC doubts that he'll take up the exercise at work fad:

While I am quite happy to wander about the lower deck office on The Boat while talking on the phone, the idea of trying to type, work, concentrate, smoke and drink glasses of Rioja while walking on a treadmill is not one I want to contemplate.  I find that walking is an activity best done without being engaged in too many other activities and I generally do it (a) to get a bit of pleasure wandering around looking at London or (b) to get to a bar or, indeed, a meeting involving the Bar.

Would you use a treadmill-desk if your firm offered it to you? And are lawyers who exercise while they work as productive as those who don't -- or more so? Post your comments below.

Posted by Carolyn Elefant on September 19, 2008 at 12:13 PM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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