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Two Follow-Ups: Unequal Pay and E-Casebooks

Monica Bay writes at EDD Update that she was outraged to read our post, "Pay Inequity for Women Paralegals" (which picked up on a post from The Estrin Report). "I think this is outrageous," Bay writes, "and I challenge every law firm managing partner, GC, and EDD vendor to drop everything, call HR, check records, and remedy this TODAY." As it happens, that was not even the worst of it. Bay points to a National Law Journal item this week that looks at the same census data and discovers an even wider gap -- women in legal occupations earned only 51 percent of men's salaries in the field. "Women's median earnings in 2007 in the legal occupation were estimated at about $53,800, compared to about $105,200 for men." One factor possibly contributing to this, says Bay, is that women are less likely than men to haggle over salaries.

Another recent item here, "Taking Paper Out of the Paper Chase," talked about an upcoming conference in Seattle that will consider whether law school casebooks should go digital. Next week's NLJ will have more on this, in a piece by Amanda Bronstad, "Are E-Books the Future of Legal Casebooks?" She points out that the question is no longer hypothetical. West launched its first electronic casebook last year -- Civil Procedure: A Contemporary Approach, by A. Benjamin Spencer -- and has six more titles in the works. She also points to a key concern about e-books that our post did not mention, protecting them from piracy.

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on September 18, 2008 at 10:33 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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