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User-Friendly Law Firms

In recent years, companies have worked hard to make consumer products -- such as computer software or even an ordinary coffee can -- more user-friendly.  So when are law firms going to catch on and start developing and applying ease-of-use concepts, asks Dan Hull at What About Paris?

While Hull acknowledges that it's harder to make a service more user-friendly than a product, he pinpoints a couple of areas where firms can make life easier for clients: 

Are clients experiencing a team--or hearing and seeing isolated acts by talented but soul-less techies? Do you make reports and communications short, easy and to the point? Who gets copied openly so clients don't have to guess about who knows what? Is it fun (yeah, we just said "fun") to work with your firm? How are your logistics for client meetings, travel and lodging? Do you make life easier? Or harder? Are you accessible 24/7? In short, aside from the technical aspects of your service (i.e., the client "is safe"), do your clients "feel safe"?

Hull suggests that firms think through these different issues and find ways to improve the way that clients experience delivery of services.

Hull's post is incredibly timely.  With the economy in turmoil, most clients have enough on their minds already and don't need the added stress of dealing with a complex law firm bureaucracy or a lawyer who clearly doesn't enjoy his work.  More than ever, clients are apt to appreciate user-friendly service in this economic climate.  And don't forget -- by making your firm more user-friendly, you'll encourage clients to use you more.

Posted by Carolyn Elefant on September 29, 2008 at 09:14 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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