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It's Official: Blawging Now Mainstream

Given the popularity and influence of blogging, I continue to be surprised by the number of luddites lawyers who continue to debate whether it will catch on among the mainstream of the profession. Well, it doesn't get much more mainstream than this: H. Thomas Wells Jr., the president of the American Bar Association, that bastion of traditional lawyerdom, has launched a blog.

Call it On the Road, minus the jazz and attitude of Kerouac's classic. The new ABA President's Blog describes Wells' jaunts around the country and around the world as leader of the world's largest voluntary professional membership organization. Although the blog was announced publicly just yesterday, Wells, who took office as president in August, started keeping the log of his travels during his year as president-elect, recounting each trip in perhaps more detail than we really need. Thus, one entry relates:

After leaving Annapolis and the Southern Conference of Bar Presidents, I flew out of BWI for Chicago Midway, again on Southwest to meet Tom Curtin, the New Jersey State Delegate, and Charles Weiss, a member of the Board of Governors from St. Louis (not the Notre Dame football coach of the same name), in Chicago. Tom was the one who had arranged the visit to the Notre Dame Law School, and had also arranged for us to attend the Notre Dame-Purdue football game on Saturday afternoon.

Friday night Tom, Charlie and I dined together at the restaurant at the Fairmont, where they were staying. I was at my usual haunt: the Westin River North, which is adjacent to the ABA headquarters building. They mapped out for me the plans for tomorrow, including meetings with the Dean, faculty and student leaders.

Saturday morning at 7 a.m. we headed out for South Bend. Once we arrived, the first stop was the book store, where Tom bought some Notre Dame logo wear for his grandchildren and me. Then we went over to the Morris Inn, a hotel on campus, for a brunch with Dean Patricia O'Hara, and Prof. Carter Sneed, a Birmingham native, who is on the faculty at the law school. Also joining us was Frank Julian, a former President of the Notre Dame Law Alumni, and his wife, Carol.

Still with us? According to the announcement, Wells, a partner and founding member at Maynard, Cooper & Gale in Birmingham, Ala., has been on the road 161 days since August 2007. He is writing the blog, he said in the announcement, as a way to "connect with our younger members, both lawyers and law students (and both of my children are young lawyers)." If you think all that travel would become tedious, this blog suggests you'd be right.

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on October 30, 2008 at 12:20 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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