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New Am Law Tech Survey Released

Via Ron Friedmann at Prism Legal, I learned that the 2008 Am Law Tech Survey is out, with a detailed summary at Law Firm Inc.  This year, the study revealed that most firm IT directors are grappling with questions like:

-- What emerging technologies are worth investing in -- and which aren't ready for prime time?

-- Should increasingly tech-savvy attorneys be able to download software they find on their own, or should firms vet everything first?

-- Does the new generation of Web 2.0 tools -- blogs, wikis and social networking sites -- have a place in a law firm environment?

-- How can the enormous quantities of data lawyers generate possibly be managed?

As for the trends covered by the study, Ron Friedmann suggests that none are that surprising, and I'm inclined to agree.  Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) continues to attract interest within firms, but still hasn't broken into prime time.  Firms are dabbling in Web 2.0 and social networking (43 percent run one or more blogs; 24 percent use intranet wikis (Web pages that let users contribute or modify content), but these tools haven't reached the same penetration at large law firms as they have at corporations. 

At the same time, firms aren't as focused on Web 2.0 or VOIP right now since most indicated that their major challenge is figuring out how to store and organize data.  Some firms are exploring in-house options while others have, or are considering, outsourced data storage.

Posted by Carolyn Elefant on October 9, 2008 at 11:04 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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