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Presidential Campaign Roundup

PresbadgeWith around two weeks to go until Election Day, this will be one of our last presidential campaign roundups. And with so little time, there's more news than ever:

The Elections and Employment Issues -- At Point of Law, Walter Olson highlights posts from two bloggers who discuss the impact of the elections on employment law. Meanwhile, employment lawyers are also fielding calls about election-related issues in the workplace, such as how to deal with employees who engage in disruptive political debates or seek to wear attire emblazoned with a political message.

Employment in the Administration -- This week brings two stories about likely post-election appointments. USA Today focuses on the candidates' possible judicial nominees, while the ABA Journal examines how the candidates might staff the legal positions within their administration.

Election Day Employment for Lawyers -- Election Day, and possibly the days thereafter will bring employment (some of it pro bono) for the armies of lawyers who'll be involved in monitoring the polls or representing one candidate or another in post-election challenges (Bloomberg).

Was Money Spent on Palin's Wardrobe Legal? -- Lots of news stories like this one over whether the $150,000 spent on Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin's wardrobe was legal. Apparently yes, as some loophole permits the Republican National Committee to make the purchases, even though the McCain-Palin team could not.

Obama Winning Over Lawyers -- Obama is winning over lawyers, or at least their campaign contributions, by a 3-1 margin over McCain, reports  the New York Law Journal.

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