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Resources and Tips for Attorney Transitions

Few attorneys keep one job for life, instead transitioning throughout their careers as their interests and life circumstances demand. This week, I found two resources to help lawyers in transition. The first is, a job site for lawyers who are tired of traditional law practice (H/T JD Bliss.)  Right now, the board has 312 positions listed, which surprised me a little, since I assumed that lawyers seeking to change fields would need to ferret out jobs through personal networking.

The next resource is an article by Christy Burke, entitled "Strategies for Transitioning Female Attorneys." Burke offers a bunch of options for female lawyers seeking a new career path including the solo option (she even interviewed me for that one!), moving in-house, transitioning to a job in e-discovery or even leaving the practice of law entirely. Burke also includes a number of practical tips on how female lawyers can make their preferred transition.

Posted by Carolyn Elefant on October 23, 2008 at 02:36 AM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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