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Blawgers on Obama: Early Returns Are In

On this Wednesday morning after, it is a bit early for many legal bloggers to have weighed in on last night's victory for Barack Obama. Here are some of the early returns I've found:

  • Above the Law: "A mere 389 years after the first Africans were brought to this country in bondage, and a mere 40 years after RFK predicted it, an African-American is the President of the United States of America. Wow."
  • Adam Smith, Esq.: Click through for "a short tour of 225 years."
  • Ernie the Attorney: "We have done an amazing thing, and I really believe that Obama will go on to be one of our great Presidents."
  • f/k/a ...: "Thank you, America, for choosing hope over fear, unity over division, and our values over our resentments."
  • Feminist Law Professors: "[F]or a few more hours at least, before I am overloaded with a host of pitched observations about What It All Means, I'm going to put my rampant cynicism aside and be grateful for the impending end of an administration that did not serve this country very well at all."
  • Justia blog: No words, but click through to see an image that says even more.
  • Sentencing Law and Policy: "I may be naive in thinking that the historic election results mark a significant turning point in the politics of crime and punishment, but I cannot help but be more hopeful as we begin a new era of leadership in the executive branch of the federal government."
  • The Trademark Blog: "Coolest. Country. Ever."
  • The Volokh Conspiracy (Orin Kerr's prediction): "At the end of the OT08 Term, in late June 2009, Justice David Souter informs President Barack Obama that he is resigning from the Supreme Court. A month later, President Obama nominates Elena Kagan, currently the Dean of Harvard Law School, to replace him."
  • The Volokh Conspiracy (Ilya Somin): "Obama's victory is an extraordinary milestone in the history of American race relations. Anyone with even slight familiarity with our history of racial oppression can hardly fail to recognize what an important historical moment the election of the first African-American president is."
  • The Volokh Conspiracy (David Bernstein): "Obama's victory tells us that in case anyone had any doubt, the ideology of white supremacy is over and done with, kaput."
  • Counsel to Counsel: "If anyone has any suggestions on how I can now fill the countless hours that I spent on political websites, I am open to suggestions. In the meantime, I will revel in the news that for the first time in history, the United States elected an African American to the office of President."
  • The AmLaw Daily (memo to the president-elect): "[L]est you forget, there are also plenty of regulatory and legal policy issues that also have to be addressed. Who should take the lead role in securities enforcement? What changes, if any, should be made to bankruptcy and employment laws? What should be the top priorities of regulatory agencies like the Federal Trade Commission and the Food and Drug Administration?"
  • Law Blog: "We won't predict his success, but we will point out that Obama's Harvard law degree puts him in the company of our 19th president, Rutherford Hayes (Kenyon College, Harvard law), the only other president — believe it or not — to hold a JD from the Law School."
  • Law21: "Twenty years ago, our parents would never have believed it. Twenty years from now, our children will take it for granted. But right now, it's our tremendous fortune to stand right on the equilibrium between 'It can never happen' and 'It just happened,' and to marvel at it."

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on November 5, 2008 at 11:46 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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