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Mild-Mannered Blawger Gets Savage

Wendy_9thumbnail Until recently, Schenectady, N.Y., lawyer David Giacalone was best known within the blogosphere as someone who combined punditry with poetry. Not just any poetry, but that most simple and natural form known as the haiku. On his blog f/k/a ..., he weaves together commentary, observations and poetry -- some written by him, some written by others -- in such a way that one pictures him sitting cross-legged in a saffron robe as he blogs. He describes it as "breathless punditry" and "one-breath poetry."

Lately, however, Giacalone has come to be known for something far different than Zen-like poetry. His blog has become the unofficial outlet for all things Wendy Savage, single-handedly feeding the not-so-breathless Internet craving for more photos and more insights involving this Boston in-house insurance lawyer turned calendar queen. We are, of course, talking about that much-talked-about Beautiful Lawyers calendar, which I previously wrote about here. Even before the calendar was out, its promoters leaked the shot of Savage, which I described then as showing "a sultry, wind-blown blond woman in a low-cut black dress."

Dagmay05_2 That picture -- and a Boston Globe article about it -- prompted an Internet outpouring  of Savage love, as John Bringardner described it here recently. And as love-struck surfers search Google for Savage, they are finding their fix at f/k/a ..., where Giacalone is becoming the Page Six of the insurance bar. Back on Oct. 23, his own snooping dug up further details about Savage along with more photos. Then this week, none other than Savage herself sent Giacalone a note thanking him for his coverage and links to additional photos of herself modeling and partying. The next day brought even more photos from Savage, which Giacalone quickly posted.

It was enough to elicit a post Friday at The Docket, the blog of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, the legal newspaper that was among the sponsors of the Beautiful Lawyers calendar, in which one might detect a note of envy over the scoops from Schenectady. The post's title, "15 minutes of Beautiful Lawyer fame," is no doubt intentionally ambiguous as to whether it refers to Savage or Giacalone. Julia Reischel describes Savage as "really the one responsible for turning the product into an Internet phenomenon," and says that Giacalone "has unabashedly capitalized on the Wendy Savage craze."

As for Giacalone, he writes that he "has discovered what brings more than enough eyes" to his blog, but he adds: "Hey, you are still coming here for the one-breath poetry and breathless punditry, aren't you?" Leaving us to wonder whether this unabashed blogger still favors Basho over Savage beauty.

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on November 3, 2008 at 11:43 AM | Permalink | Comments (2)


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