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Skeeter Jones, Canine-at-Law

Doggraduate If you try to hire Skeeter Jones as your lawyer, you're barking up the wrong tree. Sure, Skeeter has a degree from Baylor Law School in Texas. And, yes, Skeeter has a knack for sniffing out the essence of a situation. But Skeeter will not be taking the bar exam and any appearances he makes in court will at best be second chair. This is because Skeeter is a dog and his degree -- the first by Baylor to a nonhuman -- is Juris Dogtor.

Skeeter, whose unique educational accomplishment is recounted this week in the Waco Tribune-Herald, is the black Labrador retriever that serves as a companion and guide to Amy Jones, who was left a quadriplegic after a skiiing accident in 2002. When Jones enrolled as a law student at Baylor, Skeeter came with her. By the time Amy graduated last week, Skeeter had earned his chops as a "special friend" to everyone at the law school. "Skeeter has become a part of our community and part of our family here at the law school," Dean Brad Toben said.

The law school's blog describes Skeeter's honor as the highlight of the graduation ceremony. Skeeter and Amy came on stage together and Skeeter was given his diploma. It read:

WHEREAS Skeeter Jones, good and gentle Labrador, attended faithfully with Ms. Amy Jones all prescribed Baylor Law School classes, dog-day in and dog-day out, until completion; WHEREAS he showed uncommon bravery in yawning loudly in abject dog-boredom during a certain lecture of Professor Jeremy Counseller, caring but little for the intricacies of removal and remand; WHEREAS he successfully begged for donuts from Professor David Guinn, having been unfairly tempted by the hi-jinks of the latter; WHEREAS Good Dog Skeeter completed the Practice Court program without being called upon once or reading nary a case, all knowing that a snarl would rebuff any such intrusion; WHEREAS he is now an older, wiser and even a bit fatter dog; WHEREAS those who survive Baylor Law School are entitled to all barking rights, entitlements and appurtenances thereto; THEREFORE, BE IT HEREBY DECREED that Baylor University School of Law confers upon Skeeter the Labrador this


So if you should seek the legal services of Skeeter Jones, be advised that, like so many law school graduates, his bark is worse than his bite.

[Hat tip to ABA Journal.]

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on November 11, 2008 at 12:28 PM | Permalink | Comments (8)


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