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I Need Time to Find Myself (A New Moot Court Partner)

Here it is just a few days before Valentine's Day, and all Boston College Law School 2L Meghan Meade is thinking about is how to dump a partner -- a moot court partner. But at least she wants the dumping to be done graciously. Meade, a contributor to the BC Law student blog Eagleionline, offers advice for the lawlorn law student. As she explains:

Nobody likes getting dumped. ... If done respectfully, however, the dumpor may be able to help the dumpee avoid month long periods of destructive behavior in search of the oh so elusive self esteem. Same applies to moot court. Too often 2Ls declare their commitment, only to crack under the demands and shamefully dump their moot court partner."

The urge to dump comes in part, Meade explains, "because the temptations and turnoffs of moot court are plentiful." Whatever your excuse, Meade urges, at least let your partner down gently. Some of her tips for being gracious:

  • Don't wait until your partner has done all the work.
  • Don't wait until your partner has read all 300 pages of case law.
  • Try to prearrange for a new partner to take your place.
  • And this most gracious suggestion of all: Gloat silently in the privacy of your own home, as you catch up on "30 Rock."

Meade, by the way, earns extra credit in my mind for having mastered, in only her second year, the legal descriptors "dumpor" and "dumpee."

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on February 11, 2009 at 10:38 AM | Permalink | Comments (3)


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