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Divorce as a Networking Opportunity

With social networking all the rage, the latest such site to launch seeks to unite the worldwide community of spurned spouses. Divorce Network launched yesterday as a social networking platform for anyone affected by, contemplating or going through a divorce. Not surprisingly, the site has its share of both love and hate for divorce lawyers and family court judges.

A prominent feature of the site is I Got Screwed By ..., a forum in which members can post how they "got screwed" by their lawyer, judge, former spouse or anyone else associated with the divorce. One member wrote there, "The lawyer did not call the one witness I needed to get more time with my children. I am so disappointed as I really trusted him." Another wrote: "One of the things I noticed with lawyers is that they have trouble following directions. They don't want to be told what to do." And then there was Barbara, who said of her divorce lawyer, "Mine was so horrible that I am still married."

Forum members are no kinder to judges. "I've been screwed over by lawyers and judges more ways than I can even count," said someone named John. "The biggest screw over was that my judge worked only 3 hours per day, so he let the lawyers run wild." Another, named Preston, replied, "The system is indeed the cesspool of law! The judges 'work' 3 hours a day, the magistrates are civil appointees with little (if any) legal knowledge, and the lawyers are parasites."

But the site also acknowledges lawyers as perhaps a necessary evil in the divorce process. It includes articles on how to choose a divorce lawyer and what to expect in the legal process. It also includes what it describes as a nationwide directory of divorce lawyers, although it so far lists fewer than a dozen lawyers. I could find no information on how a lawyer gets listed here.

"We designed to be the best combination of Google and Facebook -- an online resource and community where people can turn for just about everything related to divorce," COO Mike Zimmerman said in announcing the new site. "For anyone dealing with a break-up, battling with lawyers or coping with children affected by a divorce, the site not only offers a wide range of resources, but features a social community where people can share their stories and relate to others in similar circumstances."

A social community for those battling with lawyers. Now that should have wide appeal!

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on March 19, 2009 at 10:56 AM | Permalink | Comments (9)


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