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April Fools' -- Not a Great Day for Serious Blogging

As you know, my colleague Bob Ambrogi and I alternate days for posting here at Legal Blog Watch. So I was dismayed to see that once again, I'd drawn April 1, or April Fools' Day. Let's just say it's a scary day to be blogging.

Last year, April Fools' Day brought this classic: Eric Turkewitz's fantasy baseball prank, where Turkewitz wrote about how three Supreme Court justices recused themselves from review of a case involving Fantasy Baseball because of the justices' personal participation in a rotisserie baseball league. I remember reading the post late at night and searching for other corroborating news coverage. When I couldn't find any, I looked at the date of the post and realized what Turkewitz was up to. Of course, I'd already weeded through dozens of prank posts anyway, so I had my guard up. Others, however, weren't so fortunate; The ABA Journal listed some of the major blog sites that fell for the joke.

So readers, be forewarned. April Fools' is a dangerous day to be out and about in the blogosphere if you're looking for substantive news. If you don't have an enormous amount of patience and a great sense of humor, you may want to turn your news feeds off just for today. And that is no joke!

Of course, just to show that I do enjoy a prank every now and then, feel free to post links below to the most outstanding April Fools' Day joke in the legal blogosphere in 2009. (Sadly, the 3,500 lawyer layoffs for the month of March -- more than for all of 2008 -- is no joke.) Here's a start:

Posted by Carolyn Elefant on April 1, 2009 at 11:43 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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