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El Rushbo Opines on the Lawyers of Silicone Valley

It's not that we avoid the purely scandalous stories here at Legal Blog Watch, but the dictates of good taste and editorial relevance sometimes keep us from mentioning certain stories about lawyers out there in the vastness of the Internet. That's why we originally skipped this item from last week: "The Real Story On Fake Boobs."

Based on the results of a survey of the site's readers (the survey itself might be accurate, but a true sampling of the general population this was not):

58 percent of those asked said that implants could only help a woman's career, the remainder of respondents were split on the matter. Just over 23 percent of those polled said such cosmetic changes were "irrelevant;" nearly 20 percent thought it was "career suicide."

The story grabbed some attention from legal bloggers -- Ann Althouse simply posted a hyperlink under the heading "Breast implants. The career move.", but has had more than 60 comments added so far. Still, it was only after Rush Limbaugh decided to weigh in on this pressing matter in the legal profession that we thought it worth pointing out. During his radio show on Friday, El Rushbo declared that the story, "if it gets wide distribution, will set feminism back 50 years."

Can I redirect you to feminist truth number 24, Undeniable Truth of Life Number 24, written by me in the mid-eighties: Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of society. It's proved practically every day in our modern culture. This is a five-page story at If you're a woman, you want to be a successful attorney you better go get a boob job before you finish school 'cause in this tight job market it might be the ticket to a job at a law firm. It will enhance your self-esteem, confidence in and out of the bedroom, in the boardroom.

BitterLawyer's Michael Estrin posted his response here, giving him the chance to fill a few more digital inches with a meditation on mammaries (which, granted, we're doing too) and debunk Limbaugh's bloviations. "With the exception of those courting sexual harassment suits, male lawyers aren’t likely to assign interesting work, give credit or pay large bonuses to a woman just because she has a great rack."

The economy is tough, law firm layoffs have become epidemic and we all need to do what we can to avoid the ax, but the idea of an uptick in implants as a result of the recession is more likely a sign of bored associate speculation than a real phenomenon. Somehow we think feminism will survive, while law office conversations about breast implants will continue to be legitimate, at least for plaintiffs lawyers.

Posted by Product Team on April 14, 2009 at 05:14 PM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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