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All Things Sotomayor: Weekend Roundup

Continuing coverage. The National Law Journal has launched a new online section, The Choice, with continuing coverage of the confirmation process.

Law clerk speaks. Former law clerk to Sotomayor, Jenny Rivera, now law professor at CUNY School of Law, and Supreme Court expert Stephen Wermiel, a former Wall Street Journal reporter and now adjunct professor at American University Washington College of Law, discuss the nomination on Lawyer2Lawyer, the podcast J. Craig Williams and I co-host.

The race card.
At SCOTUSblog, Tom Goldstein reviews every one of the 96 race-related cases Sotomayor decided. In only 10 did she find in favor of the discrimination claim, he finds.

Abortion rulings.
Or lack thereof, reports Goldstein, who says that Sotomayor has never decided a case or sat on a panel that directly addressed the constitutionality of abortion. Nor do her cases offer any genuine insight on how she would rule.

Passionate but civil. As a student activist, Sotomayor was "neither rowdy nor meek," The Washington Post says, foreshadowing a style that would continue to define her, "pressing her causes forcefully, while maintaining a civil dialogue."

Her law journal note. The Yale Law Journal unearths Sotomayor's 1979 note, "Statehood and the Equal Footing Doctrine: The Case for Puerto Rican Seabed Rights."

Her top 50 opinions. Tom Smith, professor at University of San Diego School of Law and CEO of legal research site PreCYdent, lets his algorithm loose on Sotomayor's cases.

Now at bat. Eric Turkewitz pitches the question most on everyone's mind: Sotomayor is most like which baseball figure? He manages to dodge the answer.

The X-rated ruling.
Michael Doyle at Suits & Sentences considers the "profane language and salacious imagery" of Sotomayor's opinion in a sex offender case -- and gives her reasoning a high grade.

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