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Five Uses for a Kindle in a Law Practice

OK, so I realize that most of you are probably coveting a Kindle,'s digital book device. But you haven't yet figured out how to justify its cost as a business expense when you're planning on using it to read novels on the beach, right?

Thankfully, Justin Rebello of the Wisconsin Law Journal gives you five ways that you can use the Kindle for your law office. First, the Kindle can be used to read deposition transcripts and make notes on the screen via an online content manager. Second, lawyers can load documents onto the Kindle using a digital text self-publishing tool and take them home for review. Third, the Kindle's digital text platform allows attorneys to upload, format and sell books at the Kindle Store -- which can help you to establish yourself as an expert or attract clients through education-based marketing. Fourth, the Kindle lets you catch up on blogs while you're out of the office because you can download the blog content to the Kindle for review. And finally, while the Kindle isn't cheap -- $359 for the current version and $489 for the next upgrade -- in the long run, you can save money on printing costs by converting Web versions of magazines and newspapers for the Kindle.

Are you using a Kindle in your law practice yet?

Posted by Carolyn Elefant on June 22, 2009 at 03:20 PM | Permalink | Comments (10)


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