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The Best Dressed Male Lawyers

Ford_Richard On Monday, Esquire magazine will announce the "fan favorite" in online voting in its Best Dressed Real Man contest. No fake men are allowed to compete, apparently, but lawyers are. Among the 25 semifinalists are a law professor, two practicing lawyers and a paralegal. The magazine will announce its own picks for finalists on Aug. 11 and name a contest winner in September.

Esquire does not give the surnames of finalists, but the ABA Journal reported yesterday that the law professor is Richard Thompson Ford (pictured), a professor of civil rights and anti-discrimination law at Stanford University. The 42-year-old Ford tells Esquire that his sense of style came from his father, who trained as a tailor before himself becoming a professor. "He was always the best dressed man on campus," Ford says.

Of the other two lawyers among the semifinalists, one, identified only as Kevin Y., is 34 and from Chicago. He describes his style as "grounded in the fundamentals," to which he adds "a subtle pop making it stylish but not obnoxious." The other lawyer, Matthew F., 27, in New York City, cites Fred Astaire and Marcello Mastroianni as his style icons. The paralegal, David G., is 29 and located in Los Angeles. His style, he says, "is a mix of 60s cool with a hint of European flair and modern casual elegance."

As for Ford, he tells the ABA Journal that he dresses differently for teaching than for other situations. "I usually wear something relatively conservative for teaching -- a sport coat or a suit in a subdued fabric -- navy blue, gray tweed. For a night out the suit might be a bit more luxurious." Many of his colleagues and students know about his semifinalist status, he says. The former consider it amusing, he adds, while his students seem to give more weight to the importance of good grooming. "Let's face it," Ford explains, "a lot of students are single and still need to impress potential dates."

Posted by Robert J. Ambrogi on June 5, 2009 at 11:29 AM | Permalink | Comments (5)


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